Bad Human, No! English Version

Bad Human, No! is a mobile device app which determines drug and food safety information for dog and cat owners for preventative purposes.

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Bad Human, No! Spanish Version

Bad Human, No! es una aplicación para dispositivos móviles que determina la información de seguridad de medicamentos y alimentos para los dueños de perros y gatos con fines preventivos.

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What is Bad Human, No?

The application is designed for pet owners to have a database of drug and food safety information. The database is designed for preventative use. Thus, pet owners can easily access information on a common medication or food before giving it to their pets.

The application is simple to use and generates whether a medication or food is appropriate to give to a dog or cat. The application gives the symptoms of inappropriate choices as well as the average veterinary bill incurred when an owner accidently gives their dog or cat a dangerous drug or food item.

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Where do I download the app?

Come check out the app today in the App Store & Google Play!